Keep doing you and be the best you can be. Never let anyone else dominate your life or make you feel lesser.

My dating life is a mess of awkwardness, disillusion, and The Hunger Games all mixed into one. Dating has never really been my thing and my one boyfriend ever in my twenty-two years, barely lasted three months. I’m the opposite of normal, my hours at work are far from the typical 9-5, my dog doesn’t like anyone coming near me, I am known for canceling plans/dates, and my mom judges any and every one with the iron fist of god. You might not believe it, but I have hundreds of other flaws. Per my wannabe suitors, though, the biggest “drawback” is that I’m intimidating. (*rolls eyes, pushes back hair, and checks watch, because I do not have time for that…keep up) But not only that, I’m a strong-willed lady that can care for myself.

This is not a rant about how perfect I am, because for real, I’m far from it. However, it has the soul purpose of showing like-minded ladies that there are similar gals out there experiencing the same thing. Men are intimidated by us and our standards are “too” high. Hold strong, because in the words of Kendrick Lamar, “We gon’ be alright”.

Recently, I was test driving a new Mercedes and sent a video to a friend, telling him I was thinking about buying it. Knowing he is a business savvy and honest man, I hoped he’d lend some insight. However, his response was “haha, yeah right”. I was left dumbfounded and immediately questioned what he meant by that… no response. It was not in question, but I immediately got the lesser than feeling that so many women experience on an everyday basis. Who was he to even have a thought that I couldn’t buy such a thing. Because I promise, I most definitely can and do not need a man’s approval or money to do so. Too often men look down on us and don’t believe we can actually do big things. Smhhh. It is up to us to continually prove them wrong.

I have a degree, and am one of those who actually use it. What’s even more hard to believe is that I love what I do. You know those times when men are shooting the bull and talking politics, and when a lady chimes in they just look in disgust. Hey, I’m a human, too. I can read and write and follow along with what is happening around the world. (Also, it’s part of my job to do so) Ladies, insert yourself where you see fit, don’t let anyone hold your ideas and beliefs back.

I’m sure many other females know about men talking lavishly to them, saying how they can take you out, do this and do that. Thanks for the offer, but I can already do that. What I am looking for is a travel buddy and someone who can enrich my life and question my thinking. So often they are intimidated to the point of feeling like they have to over compensate. Don’t.

Long story short, when you’re intimidating, men tend to either stand back, or you just attract the douches that want to see if they can overpower you. Keep doing you ladies, and the one who can handle you will eventually take on the challenge… this is then defined as “power couple”. I mean, I wouldn’t know, but it’s what I assume.

We are climbing the ladder, let’s make sure we keep on going up.