We can all remember Valentine’s Day in elementary school when the whole class was our Valentine. I would decorate an old shoe box up to the max, with colorful hearts and rose pedals, and would hand out miniature cards of lust and stupid sayings to everybody, because everyone deserved to feel special and know they had a lil’ nook in the corner of my heart. Jon was totally into me, so he went above the store bought folded card and cut out a big red heart for me. On the card he wrote “I love you” and glued a tiny picture of himself to it. Little did McKenzie’s mom know, but the school pictures she paid good money for that year would be put to good use. He gifted me the biggest print of himself- no card, words or anything. Tell me that’s not confidence. It’s definitely some type of confidence that many of us lack in our older, less wise years.

Here we are years later and I have still yet to find a real Valentine and have been single all 22 of the February 14th’s I’ve lived through. The words “I love you” have yet to slip from my mouth toward anyone but family and my most beloved friends. And I’m OK with that.

Society tends to bring about a great depression this time of year, making many feel not good enough and unwanted. For some reason if we don’t have a dozen roses or a bushel of sunflowers on the kitchen table come the morning of February 15th, we have done something wrong. I like buying my own bushel of sunflowers whenever want them, because I am perfectly capable.

This Valentine’s Day will be very similar to the rest, doing me and what I want to do on yet just another day. However, this year it will be a bit more meaningful. I am celebrating me and all of the love and energy I have to offer others and the universe, but most importantly myself. Far too often we strive to please the opposite sex and build ourselves up for others. But, if there is one thing I have learned in this life, it is at the end of the day what I really have is myself- mind, body, and soul. So, why not do me and let the rest fall into place?

I realized this idea at a young age, and THANK GOD. Otherwise, I don’t know the dating hell’s and mishaps I would have gone through. How could I be out there finding someone when I’m still busy finding myself. (I don’t wanna ever completely find myself, because the search has become the best part) Maybe some would argue against this, but I am okay with trying and being hurt, because at the end of it, it is my heart and mine to rebuild. I really trust that lil’ guy. I can rely on others to break it time and time again, but ultimately I am the one who mends it and strengthens it.

So, ladies and gentleman. I dare you to make this a Valentine’s Day where you don’t indulge in unhealthy amounts of queso, tacos, tequila, and cookie dough because you pity yourself. But, instead because you are celebrating you and the love and kindness you instill in yourself every day. YOU are way too valuable and worthy of anything less. Go out with your friends and look hot, plan your next out of country trip, and take one too many shots, and do it for you…no strings attached. Happiness and  love comes from you, and only you.

The words “We accept the love we think we deserve,” never rang so true. You’re all more than worthy of a great and never ending love. Cheers to finding the happiness that comes from within!